Her story

Chantelle Houghton from Wickford in Essex was the only non-celebrity in the Big Brother house. Before going into the house, she had a part time job on a make-up counter in London's West End. And yet she won!

In order to stay in the Big Brother house Chantelle was given the secret mission to pretend to be with a fictional band, Kandy Floss. She was allowed to stay in Big Brother when in a task the celebrities ranked her more famous than Prneston and Maggot.

Chantelle is from Essex and lives with her mum Vivian and her step-dad Dean.

Chantelle left Bromfords School in Wickford when she was 16, and took an office job and then worked at a bank.Whilst Chantelle started to pursue a career in modelling, she also worked in The Duke, a pub in Wickford, whose regulars include her father, Alan, who is a cabbie.

Chantelle who is with a model agency for being a Paris Hilton lookalike, is 5'7" with a 24" waist, a 34C bust, 34" hips and blue eyes. The nasty mind would say that she is more Travelodge than Hilton...who cares ? :)

She can't stand snoring but likes Mexican food and the colour pink. Chantelle is afraid of snakes and spiders. Her favourite clothes shop is Brazen Hussy in Leigh-on-Sea and her favourite book is Victoria Beckham's Learning to Fly. Chantelle supports Arsenal and appeared on Soccer AM wearing an Arsenal top.

She got into the last twelve of Miss Greater London. Back in 2004 she appeared on Page 3 of the Daily Star.

Although when Chantelle was in the Big Brother house, after telling the housemates that she had been seen by the whole country naked because she was a Page 3 girl, she quickly retracted when she started to receive criticism - saying 'course, I haven't'.

Chantelle Houghton was also also voted a member of Motorcycle News's Babe Squad by their readers a couple of years ago. Chantelle told Davina in the interview after she won Celebrity Big Brother that she would stay the same and that she didn't know how to change and that she intended to stay in touch with Preston (on a just good friends basis) and Jodie Marsh.

A camera crew followed Chantelle when she left the Big Brother house for a six-part E4 documentary called Chantelle: Living the Dream

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