Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid spotted in a jewellery store

After proposing live on TV, Chantelle Houghton was still expecting a more formal proposal from her boyfriend Alex Reid. It seems that the proposal might have happened as the lovely couple were spotted in a jewellery store in Tunbridge Wells, Kent this week. Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid visited Wessex Fine Jewellery in Upper Grovesnor Road, Tunbridge Wells where they were seen trying engagement ring. See the photos below

Jewellery Store offering Engagement Ring

Alex Reid trying Engagement Ring on Chantelle Houghton's hand Chantelle Houghton looking at Engagement Ring

More photos in the gallery (Alex)

Jewellery Store offering Engagement Ring

Chantelle Houghton says 'YES' to Alex Reid live on Television

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton were the guests of host Bredan O'Connor for the Saturday Night Show live in Dublin. The couple were there to talk about their past and new romance. Seeing that the couple could not get their hands off each other, Bredan O'Connor suggested that they should get married. After asking twice, the host got lucky on his third attempt when Alex agreed to ask Chantelle to marry him. Emotions were in the room and we wish them all the best.

Alex Reid on his knees to ask Chantelle to marry him

Chantelle Houghton's teeth nightmare

Chantelle Houghton teeth Nightmare 

Chantelle Houghton is in pain after wishing to get the perfect smile. Chantelle first visited the dentist in November to have her teeth shaved down before the veneers were fitted a few weeks later. ‘As soon as I got in the chair I was panicking,' she recalls. ‘I made the dentist aware that I grind my teeth in my sleep, but they didn't tell me that if that's the case, you're not a good candidate for veneers.

'I had 20 teeth shaved down to stumps in one appointment. It was hell.' Chantelle's veneers were fitted on 28 December. ‘When I left the clinic five hours later I was in agony,' she says. ‘It felt like electricity was running through my teeth. ‘I got horrific aches in my jaw - it felt like I couldn't relax the muscles or bite down properly - which began to impact on the nerves around my ears, so my hearing started to go. ‘I went back a few days later and the dentist drilled into my teeth and gave me painkillers, but the pain came back a few hours later. 'A friend nearly took me to hospital because I was crying my eyes out.' Finally, Chantelle visited a new clinic in London's Harley Street for help. ‘He looked at my teeth and knew straight away that the veneers were too big, so my back teeth weren't meeting when I bit down,' she says. ‘He also told me I had an infection on the roof of my mouth because the first dentist had caught it with his drill. 'I'd give anything to turn back the clock because it's not worth going through what I've been through just for whiter teeth. Even my boob job was a walk in the park compared to this.' (Article from the NOW MAGAZINE)
Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding: Hot new couple


Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding hand in hand

Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding is the new hot couple in town. Most of us will know Rav Wilding as the Crimewatch presenter.

Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding on the red carpet
Chantelle Houghton modelling for La Senza
Chantelle Houghton out of the Big Brother house

Chantelle Houghton loves La Senza and recently modeled to feature the new luxury lingerie collection.

Buy La Senza lingerie as modeled by Chantelle Houghton

La Senza lingerie with Chantelle Houghton
Chantelle Houghton takes the 3rd place of Ultimate Big Brother
Chantelle Houghton out of the Big Brother house
Chantelle has taken 3rd place, only just missing out on victory - but still clearly remains one of the greatest Ultimate BB housemates of all time, collecting 20.51% of the vote to win. In her initial foray into the House, Chantelle became the first ever non-celebrity to win Celebrity Big Brother.

The blonde stunner entered the House this time to find out that her ex-husband Preston would also be a Housemate. Immediately the other housemates attempted to rekindle the pair's romance but all it did was upset Chantelle and make her cry. It soon became clear that Chantelle still had feelings for Preston and being around him was making her confused. However, she quickly told Victor that she wouldn't get with Preston whilst he still had a girlfriend. Chantelle recreated her infamous Kandy Floss 'I Want It All' song routine from CBB4 as part of the Retrospective Task. However, this time she was joined by Victor and Nadia. They stormed through the song and completed the Task successfully. Towards the end of her stay in the Ultimate house, Chantelle couldn't decide whether she should tell Preston how she really feels or not. The busty babe was still confused as to how she should approach the situation but she has said that this UBB experience has been the best thing she has done in years and has put some of her demons to rest. Her and Preston's love story grabbed the hearts of millions of viewers who are hoping for them to get together again. Only time will tell. You will be missed Chantelle! (Article from Channel 4 )

Chantelle Houghton crying in Samuel's arms
Chantelle Houghton crying in the Big Brother house 2010
Chantelle Houghton broke down in her ex-husband Samuel Preston's arms today on what would have been their fourth wedding anniversary. The model grew tearful after fellow housemate John McCririck kept suggesting they would rekindle their romance and even get re-married.
After rushing into the bathroom for a quiet cry, the27-year-old was soon joined by the former Ordinary Boys singer, who comforted his ex. John has been suggesting the exes reunite since they all entered the Big Brother house on Tuesday night. When he brought up the idea yet again on Wednesday, Preston, 26, said: 'I don't think that's entirely appropriate.' As John and Preston laughed, the former Ordinary Boys stopped when he saw Chantelle didn't find it funny. Makosi told John to stop 'out of respect for Preston's girlfriend'.
But John carried on, so Josie took Chantelle into the bathroom after seeing she was getting increasingly upset. After insisting she was fine to Josie, Preston then entered the bathroom and asked her if she was alright. She said: 'I just got really upset then, I don't know why. It's just cos everyone keeps talking about it.' Preston suggested 'shall we just ask them not to?'.
(Article from the Daily Mail )
Chantelle and Preston hugging in ultimate big brother 2010
Chantelle Houghton back in the Big Brother house with Samuel Preston
Chantelle at Military Bootcamp
Chantelle Houghton is back in the house with former husband Samuel Preston. Chantelle looked stunned as she saw him come through the door. As they hugged she said "you look so much shorter". Preston joked: "Do you come here often?"
Joining the pair in the Ultimate Big Brother house were 10 other memorable contestants from both Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. A thin looking Ulrika Jonsson, who was the unlikely winner of CBB last year, rejoined the show. Sparks could fly between the former TV presenter and rapper Coolio, who had a fractious relationship when they appeared together in CBB6. Past winners Brain Dowling and Nadia Almada also returned to the show as well as Big Brother contestants Niki Graham and Makosi Musambasi. The return of 'Nasty' Nick Bateman could stir things up in the house. He became legendary as the first contestant to get booted out during the first series after trying to influence nominations. He was booed by the crowd as he entered the house wearing a t-shirt which read "It's only a game show". John McCririck's inclusion is also a dead cert to rub housemates up the wrong way. Before entering the house many of the stars remarked they would not like to share the house with the horse racing pundit. Ultimate Big Brother, which will run for 18 days, kicked off moments after Josie Gibson from Bristol was named as the winner of BB11. After just 20 minutes of freedom she decided to go back in the house to take part in the final series. Josie, who won with 77.5% of the public vote, scooped the £100,000 prize money. She said she would use some of her winnings to buy former housemate Steve new legs. The ex-serviceman lost both legs as well as an eye when he was injured by a bomb in 1989 while on patrol in Belfast.

Chantelle Houghton following military training at number one bootcamp

Chantelle houghton running at Bootcamp number one

In the footsteps of Kerry Katona, Sophie Anderton, Shola Ama, Dean Rowland, Chantelle Houghton joined the UK number one military bootcamp.

The Celebrity Big Brother star, 26, got caked in mud and wet sand as she crawled, ran and stretched her way through a tough exercise routine, all under the watchful eye of a military drill instructor. (more photo under the New Chantelle)

She was made to run barefoot across the wet sand before dropping down to do press and sit-ups. She then joined a number of other boot campers on a front crawl past the tide breakers down towards the sea. And by the end of it, a hot, tired and sweaty Chantelle looked like she was ready to throw in the towel as she fell back on the sand. Her instructor stood over her, motivating her regime with encouraging words and clapping his hands. But eventually he relented and pulled her up off the sand as she reached for his hand. Chantelle signed up for the No. 1 Boot Camp, which describes itself as 'the ultimate UK boot camp for men and women providing military fitness training and workouts.' Essex-born Chantelle signed up to the boot camp to shed a few pound amid reports that she is set to be put back in the Big Brother house for the finale of the 11th and final season. Sources said she and ex-husband Samuel Preston, who she met on the show in 2006, are set to be reunited inside.

(Article from the Daily Mail - Photo from Trevor Adams -

Chantelle Houghton with the XFactor contestants in Leicester Square

Chantelle Houghton movie premier
Chantelle Houghton was in Leicester Square, London, last night for the Disney Premiere Christmas Carol. Along other celebrities attending the event, Peter Andre, Bob Hoskins, Colin Firth, Jim Carrey (from the motion picture), the Xfactor contestants including John and Edward (Jedward), Lucie Jones, Stacey Solomon, Joe McElderry, Lloyd Daniels, Olly Murs, Jamie Archer (Jamie Afro), Danyl Johnson...

Chantelle Houghton arrested for drink driving

Police talking to Chantelle

Chantelle Houghton got the shock of her life last night when she was pulled over by cops on suspicion of drink driving. The Celebrity Big Brother star was on her way home from a party with Peter Andre to celebrate the launch of his new TV series when she was stopped by the police. Chantelle, 26, was then made to do a breath test as she stood beside her white Audi convertible. But her spokeswoman, Claire Powell, said the cops had been misled into thinking Chantelle had been on the booze when she hadn't. She told TV Biz: "Chantelle is on a new diet which involves her only drinking grapefruit water and that's what she'd been drinking all night. "The police told her they'd been informed she'd had alcohol and should pull her over. "But after they breathalysed her it was clear she hadn't touched a drop."

(Article from the Sun)

Chantelle Houghton in Central Perk, Soho, London

Chantelle Houghton in Friends Central Perk, Soho, London
Chantelle Houghton was at Central Perk opening in London's Broadwick Street last night..Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kimberley Walsh, Konnie Huq and K T Tunstall all arrived for the opening as did Peaches Geldof. But the cafe, filled with props taken from the set of the sitcom, is only open until the beginning of October as it's just a pop-up version of the fictional cafe in Friends. So you better get in quick for your cinammon covered and chocolate sprinkeld £4.50 latte!

Chantelle Houghton: Curvy and Happy

Chantelle curvy, bigger, sexy

CHANTELLE Houghton says she's proud of her womanly curves and is the happiest she's ever been with her body. The pretty 25-year-old told this week's Closer magazine that she's glad she's regained some weight after dropping to a skinny size 8 following her divorce to Preston. Chantelle, who won series for of Celebrity Big Brother, said she suffered from bulimia.

Chantelle said: "I'm the heaviest I've ever been - but I love it". "I've put on weight and probably weigh about 9½st at the moment - it's the heaviest I've ever been, but I would much rather have curves than be stick-thin with my bones showing. "When I was skinny, I didn't have a bum and didn't feel very feminine. Having curves makes me feel much more womanly." And model Chantelle said that she would like a breast reduction but is scared about going under the knife again.

Chantelle, who says she's still pals with football player ex Jermain Defoe, had a boob operation in 2007 and took her cup size from a 32B to a 32E. Chantelle said: "I wanted a DD cup, but they ended up an E cup and have now grown to a massive F cup. "On a day-to-day basis I regret having them done as they really get in the way, and I've had to have physio for backache. "I'd love to have them reduced to a D cup, but I'm too squeamish! When I got them done I didn't realise I'd need more surgery later on to get the implants replaced. "In fact, I didn't really look too much into the whole thing as it was a reaction to getting divorced. I was at a very low point."

(Article from the Sun & Closer)

Chantelle Houghton tested for Swine Flu

Chantelle Houghton Swine Flu

Big Brother stars Chantelle Houghton and Chanelle Hayes fear they may have contracted killer swine flu after holidaying in Mexico. The celebrity pair have had emergency medical tests at a private clinic to make sure they were not at risk.

"We were in Mexico only a few weeks ago and that's when swine flu seemed to start, so naturally we're concerned," Chanelle told a newspaper.

The 21-year-old told the Daily Star they were not going to panic but were keen to get checked out. We were in Mexico only a few weeks ago and that's when swine flu seemed to start, so naturally we're concerned Chanelle, who dates Middlesborough footballer Matthew Bates, may have put the midfielder at risk too if her tests come back positive. Arsenal striker Carlos Vela also spent a day in quarantine after recently being visited by Mexican friends - but has been given the all clear. Vela's Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed that the Mexican footballer had been given the green light to train again though. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson was another star to recently visit Mexico, but after a brief stint in Cancun she moved on and was not affected. Over 300,000 holidaymakers have booked trips to Mexico for the upcoming months but many companies are suspending departures until the virus is under control.

Article from Metro

Chantelle Houghton & Jermain Defoe at the hospital

Jermaine Defoe & Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton joined her boyfriend Jermain Defoe during a hospital visit where he underwent a scan on his injured right foot. The concerned 25-year-old was at the Tottenham player’s side as he hobbled into the North London unit after being ruled out of action for at least ten weeks. The 26-year-old striker will need all the cheering up she can give him with the stress fracture likely to rule him out of a Wembley appearance in the Carling Cup final against Manchester United.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner - who has been dating £15m man Defoe since October - has admitted that she had a crush on the footballer long before they got together and already harbours hopes to marry him. 'I'd seen him around before and thought he was gorgeous but he always had a girlfriend,’ she told The Sun.

This time, he was single and we just got on really well. 'Things are going brilliantly. He makes me so happy and it's such a good feeling. I think he could be The One. I hope so anyway.' Besides a brief romance with Jennifer Ellison's ex-boyfriend Tony Richardson, Chantelle has been largely single since she split from ex-husband Preston after just ten months of marriage.

The couple married in a lavish magazine-sponsored wedding in August 2006, just seven months after meeting on Celebrity Big Brother. However, Chantelle insists she has now moved on and is happier than ever. 'Now I'm totally over Preston and the time was right for me to meet Jermain. 'Everything's fallen into place for me. I must have a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder.' Defoe, who re-signed for the club from Portsmouth during the transfer window, injured his foot during training last week and the club later revealed that he will have to undergo surgery.

(Article from the "Daily Mail")

Chantelle Houghton & Jermain Defoe

Chantelle Houghton Purple Dress

Chantelle Houghton is seeing footballer Jermain Defoe.

The pair have been snapped walking hand-in-hand. It is thought Chantelle, 25, has been helping the 26-year-old while he recovers from a soccer injury. 'They met through a mutual friend, and seemed to click straight away,' a source tells the Daily Star.

'But it took her a while to admit she was falling in love with him. 'Chantelle has absolutely fallen for Jermain, and she absolutely dotes on him.' Chantelle finalised her divorce from Samuel Preston, 26, in November 2007. Jermain previously dated Danielle Lloyd, 24.

Chantelle Houghton & Piers Morgan on BBC: The Dark Side of Fame with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan and Chantelle Houghton

Final in the series exploring the downside of fame profiles Chantelle Houghton, the unknown who became a star in 2006 after winning Celebrity Big Brother.

In the following months the one-time page three girl got her own show, an autobiography was penned, and she married fellow BB housemate and popstar, Samuel Preston.

But Piers discovers the fairytale turned sour not long after the wedding: within a month Preston had told her that he didn't love her, and within 10 months it was all over. This is a poignant and touching lesson on the pitfalls of fleeting fame.

Chantelle Houghton at the Charleston Shopping Center

Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton, Brendan Courtney, Andrea Roche, Martin King, Chico, Samia Smith and Jimmi Harkishin will be at the Charlestown Shopping Centre on October 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th.

Here is the full schedule:

Thursday 23rd October 2008 at 8pm in the main Mall.

Join "Off The Rails" presenter Brendan Courtney, "VIP Style Woman of the Year" Andrea Roche and celebrity guests TV3's Martin King and Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton plus a host of Ireland's Top Models.

1st Birthday Celebrity Celebration party! Meet and greet a host of celebrities and have your picture taken with them.

Meet the stars at the Charlestown Fashion Extravaganza throughout the weekend:

Thursday 23rd October at 8pm

Meet Andrea Roche, Brendan Courtney, TV3’s Martin King and Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton at the 8pm show.

Friday 24th October at 6pm and 7.30pm

"Its Chico Time" - Performing live on stage X Factor's and CelebAir's "Chico" at the 7.30pm show.

Saturday 25th October at 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 5pm

Meet Samia Smith (Maria Connor from Coronation St) at the 3.30pm show.

Sunday 26th October at 3pm and 5pm

Meet Jimmi Harkishin (Dev Alahan from Coronation St) at the 3pm show.

There will be a range of events and celebrations throughout the weekend for all the family that will make this a must-to-be-there 1st Birthday celebration weekend.

To receive a €5 Shopping Voucher and to be in with a chance to win one of four €500 Shopping Sprees, pick up and fill out one of our entry forms which are available at the customer service desk in Charlestown Shopping Centre (strictly one voucher per person).

There will be one draw for the €500 Shopping Spree each day from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th October. Brendan Courtney will draw the winning entry each day.


Dale Howard is now dating Chantelle Houghton

Dale Howard Big Brother dating Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle & Dale are now reported to be dating according to their reps at Neon Management. Speculations were high when the couple was seen leaving Chinawhite night Club together.

The couple looked besotted yesterday as they strolled through a London park (Regent's Park) after a shopping trip. But the news will come as a big blow to Jennifer Clark, 22, who had a fling with Dale, 21, after appearing with him in the telly house this summer. They split in bitter style last month. He accused Jen of using him to find fame and fortune, while she hit back by claiming he scored just “two out of 10” in bed.

Dale and Chantelle were looking all loved up as they were walking in Regent’s Park. A spokesman for Dale said: “They have been out on a few dates and things are going really well.” And Chantelle’s spokesman confirmed: “They have seen each other a fair few times and seem really happy.”

(Article from the Daily Star, October 2nd 2008)

Samuel Preston did not want to marry Chantelle Houghton

Chantelle Houghton and Samuel Preston faking marriage

CELEBRITY Big Brother babe Chantelle Houghton says ex-husband Preston never wanted to marry her.

The Ordinary Boys frontman, 25, was even pulling silly faces at her on their wedding day. Chantelle, 25, tells Piers Morgan in his show The Dark Side Of Fame: “A month after we were married Preston told me: ‘I knew I didn’t want to marry you on our wedding day’. It was weird on the day. He was pulling silly faces when we took our vows. “He took the pee. I tried to keep a straight face but I thought he was being weird. “I thought: ‘You shouldn’t be doing this... you should be looking into each others’ eyes on your wedding day’.

I wondered what was going on. But I just went along with it. “After he told me that he never wanted to marry me, we did interviews where we told everyone how happy we were. I lied about being happy.”

Chantelle, who claims the end of the 10-month marriage caused her to binge on booze and food, sobs: “I feel bad for my mum. I’m her only daughter and I wanted her to be proud of me.” Chantelle and Preston’s divorce was finalised back in January this year. TV interviewer Piers, 43, says: “I am shocked. “This is every bride’s nightmare being told your husband never wanted to marry you in the first place.”

The show airs on Monday, October 27, on BBC1 at 10.35pm.

(Article from the Daily Star, Septembre 25th 2008)

Chantelle Houghton is no longer dating Tony Richardson

Chantelle Houghton kissing Tony Richardson

Chantelle Houghton has set the record straight about her connection with Jennifer Ellison’s former fiancé.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant went out for dinner with the actress's ex, Tony Richardson, in February. But she says there was no romance. ‘We did go on a couple of dates but it wasn’t anything major,’ she says. ‘He’s still a friend but it was never going to lead to anything more. 'He’s come out of a long-term relationship and I couldn’t see him as boyfriend material. 'I did fancy him but we were more mates than anything else.’

Chantelle Houghton is confusing Peter Andre: " is it my wife ?!?!?! "

Chantelle Drunk at the Embassy Night Club in London

Peter Andre says he mistook Chantelle Houghton for his own wife. He was confused by a snap of the Celebrity Big Brother star, who now sports blonde hair extensions. The singer thought Jordan, real name Katie Price, 30, had been out on the town without his knowledge. ‘I got the shock of my life the other day when I opened the newspapers to see someone who I thought was Katie stumbling out of a nightclub drunk and falling over,’ he says. ‘I was just about to confront her and ask her why she’d had a night out and without inviting me when (thank God!) I realised it wasn’t actually Kate, but Chantelle Houghton!’

Pete, 35, reckons his missus should be impressed. ‘It might not be deliberate, but she is looking more and more like Katie everyday,’ he writes in his new! diary. ‘I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Katie should be pleased.’ (from Now Magazine)

Chantelle Houghton opened a new store in...Yarmouth

Chantelle Houghton opening the Twenty One Store in Yarmouth

Chantelle Houghton drew large crowds to the Market Gates shopping centre in Yarmouth as she helped unveil the fashion shop Store Twenty One

A long line of people eagerly waited to meet the star, who was making her first visit to the resort and took the opportunity to take a walk along its sandy beach.

Chantelle said: “It makes me happy to see so many people here today and Yarmouth has made me feel very welcome.”

The Store Twenty One chain choose the Market Gates site for its latest shop in East Anglia because the centre is in the middle of a £16m revamp which will attract even more shoppers to the town.

The new store will create 12 jobs. A 70,000 sq ft extension of the centre will see Debenhams and Starbucks set up shop and Iceland has already opened a new look store on the site.

Chantelle Houghton dancing at Faces Nightclub, Essex, while Jady Goody is cat fighting

Photo of Chantelle Houghton at Faces nightclub, Essex

Chantelle Houghton was at Faces nightclub, Essex last night with pal Charlotte Mears.

Chantelle Houghton was having an amazing time dancing with other celebrities like Calum Best, Joe Cole, & Tom Huddlestone when a fight broke...a cat fight with celebrity endorsement.

Jade Googy, 26-year-old was involved in a vicious fight with a female party goer at the Essex nightclub before turning her rage onto a club security guard.

Jade Goody involved in a cat fight

An onlooker said the mother of two was eventually asked to leave the venue after refusing to calm down, but her spokesperson insists she "left of her own volition."

Jade's spokesperson said: "Jade was a victim of an unprovoked attack by another girl. "She tried to defend herself and was not asked to leave by the club."

Chantelle Houghton is dating Tony Richardson

Chantelle Houghton kissing Tony Richardson
According to News of the World, Chantelle Houghton has new boyfriend in the name of Tony Richardson. They met at the Embassy night Club in London about two months ago and they have been dating since then.

The News of the World is showing a photo of the Big Brother babe—now a 32DD after her boob job—kissing TONY RICHARDSON on the doorstep of her Essex home.

Tony is Chantelle's first love since her split last June with hubby PRESTON, of the ORDINARY BOYS.

The new romance is also the final nail in the coffin for Tony's topsy-turvy relationship with Brookside babe Jen.

A friend of Chantelle, 24, said: "She's completely smitten with Tony. They met in the Embassy club in London about two months ago and have been secretly dating since then.

"She was completely burned by Preston and doesn't want to have her heart broken again. Everyone hopes that Tony knows how to treat her right. She deserves that."

The pal added that Preston, who is rumoured to be dating his ex Camille Aznar, has NO IDEA about Chantelle's new romance.

The friend added: "They're divorced now and are not in contact. Chantelle's moving on with her life and has a very exciting future ahead."

Tony, 28, had been in a six-year relationship with actress Jennifer, 24.

But they broke off their engagement after News of the World revealed he had been cheating on her with England star JOHN TERRY's ex-WAG SHALIMAR WIMBLE.

He also has alleged links to Liverpool's underworld and once had a £50,000 gangland bounty on his head.

Jen told the papers how he'd been violent towards her during the relationship and even smashed a bottle over her head.

Chantelle Houghton for Heat Magazine. Exclusive Photo & Interview

Chantelle Houghton & Samuel Preston in love photo

In a recent interview for Heat Magazine, Chantelle Houghton apparently claims her ex-husband Samuel Preston destroyed her confidence.

The Celebrity Big Brother star - who met the Ordinary Boys singer on the reality show - has told Heat magazine he was a "control freak".

Chantelle, 24, said: "I lost my confidence being with Preston, I changed for him. I could never wear bright colours. He'd say 'can't you wear something stylish?'. I tried to be the person he wanted, but I've broken out and, yeah, gone over the top."

The glamour model - who since her divorce has had a breast enlargement and has been pictured out on the town since the split - claims her new wild ways are a form of moving on from her marriage.

She said: "I wasn't allowed to watch soaps on TV after 8.30pm - that was talking time.

"Now can you see why I'm being like I am?"

Chantelle Houghton with new pal Chanelle Hayes

Chantelle Houghton & Chanelle Hayes - Goodie Bag - Pretty Polly in London Haymarket Hotel

Leading the pack, ex-contestant Chanelle Hayes was joined by Chantelle Houghton as they attended the Pretty Polly Love Legs launch party at the Haymarket Hotel.

Sporting hair extension and newly-acquired breasts, Chantelle bears more than a passing resemblance to glamour model Jordan. But Chantelle Houghton looked Fab anyway. Much prettier than the Nose Award Party thingy !

Chanelle however is better know for her obsession with Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, having died her hair brown in an attempt to look like the pop star.

But this time, the girls both opted for short black dresses, making it difficult to determine who would win best copy-cat look.

Pretty Polly's line-up included fellow contestants Nikki Graham and Orlaith McAllister. Notorious playboy and Love-Island star Calum Best completed the reality TV show spectacle by also making an appearance.

Chantelle Houghton & Chanelle Hayes Limousine

Chantelle Houghton at the Perfume Shop Celebrity Nose of the Year Award...YEP !

Chantelle Houghton - Perfume Shop Celebrity Nose of the Year Award

The Perfume Shop Celebrity Nose of the Year 2007 was announced last night at a star-studded event in Central London.

The beautiful Tina O'Brien also known as Sarah Grimshaw from Coronation Street was announced as the winner and presented with her award by Alesha Dixon, the winner of Strictly Come Dancing and a whole host of celebrities were there to celebrate her win.

Tina says: "I'm absolutely over the moon to have won The Perfume Shop Celebrity Nose of The Year award 2007, thank you to everyone that voted for me".

This glamorous occasion was celebrated with a select audience of celebrities and London's movers and shakers. The likes of Chantelle Houghton, Sam and Amanda from Big Brother, Nikki Grahame and Andy Scott-Lee were all on hand to celebrate the annual event in true glitzy style.

Chantelle Houghton at the MCN Motorcycle Show in London!

Chantelle Houghton MCN broken umbrella

Chantelle Houghton MCN posing motorcycle

Chantelle Houghton PVC outfit MCN Motorshow

From the Daily Mail

As Jordan is set to hang her party shoes up for good, it looks as though Big Brother's Chantelle Houghton has picked up where the former wildchild left off.

Leaving little to the imagination, Chantelle, who has made no secret of her admiration for Jordan, was pictured in a PVC black corset and thigh-high red boots to promote the launch of the London Motorcycle Show on Thursday.

After months of copying Jordan's style and persona, the ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant has finally managed to outdo her at her own game, adopting a set of Jordan-like poses that would put even the glamour model to shame.

With streaked hair, revealing outfit and of course, recently enlarged breasts, Chantelle has completed the copycat look leaving little doubt as to who she looks to for style tips.

Chantelle has already spent £4,000 on boosting her cleavage from a 32B to a bountiful 32DD, and now there's speculation she's also had collagen pumped in her lips.

The former Paris Hilton look alike lined up for plastic surgery following her split from Ordinary Boys frontman Preston last year.

Chantelle has said: "I love Jordan and what she's done in her life. I hope to achieve the same."

But Jordan, real name Katie Price, is now shying away from her famous look, replacing her brassy blonde hair with subtle brunette locks.

She also had a breast reduction in Los Angeles just before Christmas, going from a huge 32FF to a far more reasonable 32D.

She is also rumoured to have had a nose job during the stay.

Chantelle Houghton is in "Katie Price alias Jordan: The Remake"!

Chantelle Houghton showing her legs

Chantelle Houghton is morphing into Jordan at an alarming rate by the look of this pic.

With the streaky hair, thick make-up, surgically enhanced boobs and an eye-popping wardrobe, it looks as if the blonde has decided to borrow someone else’s image since separating from ex-hubby Preston.

She’s even getting snapped falling out of Jordan’s favourite nightspot China White.

Maybe she fears she might slip from the public gaze without her rockstar husband – and is going all out for lens-crackingly gaudy new look.

Chantelle Houghton: National Anti-Bullying week

Chantelle Houghton - National Anti Bullying Week

Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton was in Croydon last week to receive the Beatbullying Celebrity of the Year Award.

To mark national Anti-Bullying week, she was presented with the award at the mkone store in North End by the charity, who try to reduce the amount of incidents of bullying and lessen its impact.

Chantelle also presented Beatbullying with a cheque for £109,521.56 on behalf of mkone for the money they have raised by selling Beatbullying vests featuring the charity's logo.

Chantelle Houghton is in Chelmsford

Chantelle Houghton posing for Ultimo Lingerie

CELEB Big Brother babe CHANTELLE HOUGHTON shows off her brand new breasts as she opens another new Ultimo store.

The reality star - who recently splashed out £4000 on a boob joob to boost her assets from a 32B to a 32DD - put her recent divorce from Ordinary Boys star PRESTON behind her as she welcomed shoppers to the company's fifth outlet in Chelmsford this morning.

Chantelle follows in the footsteps of SARAH HARDING, GEMMA ATKINSON and NELL McANDREW by modelling for the sexy underwear chain. She said of her boobs: "I'm so happy with them - I absolutely love them and can't stop touching them."

Samuel Preston back with ex-girfriend Camille Aznar

Camille Aznar - France - Preston's ex girlfriend

Samuel Preston & ex-fiancee Camille Aznar are seeing each other again. The 25-year-old singer, was spotted arm in arm with his former lover during an outing in London earlier this week. The pair split in 2006 when Preston dumped for Paris Hilton look-alike Chantelle Houghton.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestants met on the show while Preston was still dating Camille and subsequently split with her shortly after the show wrapped, leaving the singer free to marry 23-year-old Chantelle. The whirlwind affair lasted barely a year and Chantelle and Preston separated in June, with cynics claiming the marriage was merely a publicity stunt, with the previously unknown Chantelle becoming a household name over night.

Now that the celebrity dust has settled, it looks as if public school educated Preston has returned to the French brunette after realising he had little in common with the dizzy blonde.

"He loved that I had a politics degree and a masters," Camille said in one interview. "We sat for hours discussing politics and the state of the world. Then he leaves me for someone so different."

In a recent interview, when describing Preston's family, Chantelle admitted the two were from different worlds: "They sit round having dinner, drinking red wine and talking Politics. I didn't understand. I'd just sit there thinking: 'My family don't do this. What's it all about?'"

Chantelle was left devastated after the collapse of her marriage and has admitted the heartbreak drove her to develop an eating disorder.

Chris Neal: Full time Electrician & Part time Celebrity Lover

Nikki Grahame crazy photo

Chris Neal was caught red-handed when Nikki caught him snogging pal Chantelle in the back of a taxi.

Chris told the News of the World: "Our lips touched and the doors of the taxi flew open.

"Nikki was standing there with her hands flying about, screaming at us, wide-eyed.

"Suddenly I knew how it must have felt to be in the BB house with her."

Chris, 26, said sex with Chantelle, 24, who won Celebrity Big Brother last year, was high voltage compared with Nikki.

"Nikki was fun but the sex with Chantelle was better."He also preferred Chantelle's boobs.

"I didn't like Nikki's boob job —they looked and felt fake, while Chantelle's were nice and pert. I can't understand why she recently had a boob job. She was perfect."

But there was one area where 25-year-old Nikki—who screeched her way through 2006's BB7—had plenty to shout about.

"They're both noisy lovers, but Nikki edged it on that score. She shouted the room down."

He got together with Nikki in July after they met at a polo event.

"She recognised me from one of the clubs in Epping where we go out and gave me a peck on the cheek. She was looking pretty hot in her clubbing gear," said Chris.

They swapped numbers and had their first date two weeks later.

"I took her for dinner, we went on to a club, then Nikki suggested we go back to her flat. Our fingers tugged at each other's clothes as we half stumbled into her bedroom.

"We had quick sex that night and fell asleep," he revealed.

But Nikki soon gave Chris a hands-on demonstration of how saucy she can be after a date in London.

His pals gave them a lift home in their Range Rover. Chris and Nikki were in the back.

"I felt Nikki's hands wandering over me," he said.

"She didn't seem to care the guys in the front might notice and got carried away as she unzipped my fly and started performing a sex act.

"We ended up with my jeans down round my ankles and her feet by the headrests—a real tangle. She seemed to love the risk of being caught."

It was on a night out with Nikki in an Essex club in September that he met Chantelle, recently separated from Ordinary Boys star Preston – who she had met on Celebrity Big Brother.

Chris said: "Despite Nikki being there, I just couldn't take my eyes off Chantelle. I gave her a little pinch on the bum and she responded positively."

The two were soon in touch, despite Chantelle being pally with Nikki, and before he knew it Chris received an invite to Chantelle’s Billericay home.

Chris said: "I got to her place about 10pm and my jaw hit the floor when I saw her tiny black dress and stilettos.

"Chantelle loved my reaction. We started having a little kiss and cuddle on the sofa.

"We ended up on a mattress on the floor of her room. We got undressed, the lights were dimmed. Chantelle pleasured me and I returned the favour until we were both satisfied."

After the first night they agreed to meet next evening, when they ended up back at her house again for electrifying sex.

"We spent the whole night making love. It went on for hours," said Chris. The next time, Chantelle appeared in black diamante-studded knee-high boots.

"I thought Christmas had come early. At one point they were all she was wearing," he said.

The pair became so close they planned to spend Christmas in New York.

But then their affair became public. Chris said: "Chantelle didn't want it to all come out."

But he has no regrets. "Most blokes would kill to sleep with two of the hottest women in reality TV."

Chantelle and Samuel fight over their Divorce

Divorce between Chantelle Houghton and Samuel Preston. Money Matters

Chantelle Houghton and husband Samuel Preston are at war over their divorce - after Samuel demanded half Chantelle's earnings SINCE they broke up.

Samuel Preston is even eyeing her favourite assets, claiming he has a fifty per cent share in the £4,000 32D BOOBS she treated herself to when they broke up

Before the op Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle, a natural 32B, said: "I'd love to be a cup. Preston didn't want me to get them done. He said that fake boobs were grotesque but now I can do what I want."

Only last month the blonde, 24, insisted she would happily divide everything 50-50 with pop star Preston despite her near millionaire status dwarfing his pay packet.

But then the Ordinary Boy, 25, swooped on cash Chantelle has made from selling her story of heartache. A source close to her said: "Preston claims that without him and their marriage she wouldn't have had anything to talk about it.

"But she thinks that's ridiculous and he is being completely unreasonable. She can't believe how bitter he is being and is furious. Their marriage was miserable - now the divorce is going to be just as bad."

The couple got together on last year's CBB but their whirlwind marriage only lasted ten months and led Chantelle to become bulimic. Last month she admitted she realised it was a mistake just four days into their honeymoon. She was trying to eke out a living as a Paris Hilton lookalike before clinching Big Bruv's £25,000 prize.

She went on to have her own shows on E4, sold the rights to her wedding to a magazine for £600,000 and landed a £300,000 advance for her autobiography. Figures lodged with Companies House last month showed she had earned £925,615.

After splitting with Preston, whose biggest hit was Boys Will Be Boys, Chantelle dated Chris Neal who dumped Big Bruv madam Nikki Grahame for her.

But Chris, 26, a pal of Jade Goody's ex Jack Tweed, is now out of the picture.

Chantelle said: "I thought he'd bring a bit of fun at a time when I was very low. But he only went out with me because of my money. He was never going to be a replacement for Preston."

Last night her spokesman said: "All divorces have their problems but Chantelle is confident she can work things out with Preston." Preston was unavailable to comment.

Chantelle Houghton has a bigger breast: New Boobs

Chantelle Houghton Topless

Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton has had a boob job to change her breast size from a C to DD.

A spokesperson for the 24-year-old star said she is recovering well and is "over the moon", quoted in Now magazine.

She was photographed leaving cosmetic surgeons, wearing a tight-fitting hooded top.

According to the News of The World, an onlooker said: "She obviously wants the whole world to see she''s back to her best by wearing that skin-tight top."

The blonde reality star reportedly told New magazine in May that she was planning the operation to regain some curves after losing weight. She hoped the surgery would boost her confidence.

Chantelle Houghon in the ITV's Jungle

I am a Celebrity - ITV

The Big Brother star has signed up for the next series of I’m A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! and is set to be joined in Oz by former wildchild Kelly Osbourne, 23, and Apprentice superbitch Katie Hopkins, 32.

Chantelle, 24, revealed last night that she is to have a bra-busting boob job in a bid to make her the queen of the outback.

She even plans to outclass former jungle babe Myleene Klass, 29, by flashing her new curves in a string of sexy bikinis.

And she also has a message for ex-husband, fellow Celebrity BB housemate and Ordinary Boys frontman Preston, 25. Chantelle told the Daily Star: “I want to show him exactly what he’s missing!” The blonde will splash out on bigger assets after bouncing back from her marriage collapse this summer. Chantelle, a 32B, said: I’d love to be a D cup. Preston didn’t want me to get them done. He said that fake boobs were grotesque but now I can do what I want.” Chantelle plans to steam up the jungle with her new assets. She added: “I’m looking for fun – but not a man yet! I’m just planning to flirt with as many guys as possible.”

But she has a fight on her hands to be the best babe in the outback. She will go head-to-head with soap sizzler Gemma Atkinson, 22, who has also been signed up for the show, which hits our screens on November 12. And we can reveal that ITV chiefs also want to sign Kelly Osbourne and The Apprentice superbitch Katie Hopkins, 32.

Last year Kelly was signed up to host ITV2 spin-off Get Me Out Of Here Now. At the moment she is on stage in London, playing Mamma Morton in Chicago to rave reviews. Last night a stage pal said: “Kelly let slip to us about her jungle offer. We were meant to keep it hush-hush.”

Katie stunned fans of the BBC show The Apprentice when snaps of her enjoying a sex romp in a field emerged. Bosses have pulled out all the stops to make this year’s show the best. Among those they have approached are Richard Fairbrass, 54, singer of Right Said Fred and rapper MC Hammer, 45. Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, 57 and Goran Visnjic, 34, from telly hit ER have also been tipped, along with godfather of punk Malcolm McLaren, 61, Steve Schirripa, 49, from The Sopranos and Prince Andrew’s old flame Koo Stark, 51. Ex-Steps singer Claire Richards, 30, and Welsh rocker Cerys Matthews, 38, are also linked to the show.

Chantelle Houghon's Millions

Chantelle Houghton's Millions

The blonde is now the richest nonfamous housemate since Jade Goody. Figures show Essex girl Chantelle, 24, has earned more than £925,000 in a year. With TV appearances, a fashion magazine column and a £300,000 autobiography deal, her true wealth easily tops £1million.

Chantelle Houghton was struggling for cash as a Paris Hilton lookalike before entering CBB in 2006 as a fake pop star – and scooping the show’s £25,000 prize. She then sold the rights to her wedding to pop star Samuel Preston – a fellow contestant – to OK magazine for £600,000.

Despite the marriage breaking down, figures lodged with Companies House show she has earned £925,615 – more than £2,500 a day. One financial expert said: “She’s done incredibly well to maximise earnings. I don’t think any business analyst would have said she could make so much so quickly with so little business experience.” Jade Goody, 26, also became a millionaire after the show with a beauty salon and perfume brand.

Nikki Grahame....hysterical....again...

Nikki Grahame

Chantelle, 24, is accused of pinching handsome electrician Chris Neal from her Big Brother pal, bimbo Nikki Grahame. The new lovebirds met two weeks ago at Faces nightclub in Essex as Chantelle was getting over her disastrous 10-month marriage to Ordinary Boys singer Preston. Chris, 26, a pal of Jade Goody's ex Jack Tweed, was at the club with Nikki, 25.

But after being introduced to Chantelle, Chris ended his fling with the pint-sized Big Brother 7 star. Since then he has been on several dates with Essex beauty Chantelle. Last night distraught Nikki said: "I've had enough of both of them. "I've asked them separately about what's going on because I had my suspicions and they both denied it. "I am so angry and I'm sick of them. I thought Chantelle was one of my best friends. We confided in each other. But not any more. Friends are meant to be people you trust."
Chantelle Houghton: The Survivor
Chantelle's book signing

The 24-year-old beauty owned up that she KNEW she'd made a disastrous mistake marrying the Ordinary Boys singer-just four days into their HONEYMOON.

For the last six months of marriage they never made love once and ended up sleeping in separate beds. Chantelle, whose fairytale wedding in August last year clinched a £300,000 magazine deal, admitted: "We were destroying each other."

In an exclusive interview with the News of the World she told how she was so unhappy as Mrs Preston she:

  • DROWNED her sorrows in booze and binged on comfort food
  • FORCED herself to vomit after huge restaurant meals,
  • PLUNGED two stone in weight as she dropped from size 12 to size eight,
  • SUFFERED panic attacks whenever she left home,
  • TURNED to a doctor for help and was told: "You need counselling."

Now blonde Essex girl Chantelle and Preston, 25, are to divorce. And she admits: "I ended up on the verge of a nervous breakdown. "But on the day of our wedding I felt 100 per cent I'd made the right decision. I was totally and utterly in love with Preston. It WAS the best day of my life." It took just days for cracks to show. "We honeymooned at a luxurious hotel in Morocco and everything was so romantic," said Chantelle. "We had our own pool, candles lit around our room and petals sprinkled all over the bed. "Sex with Preston was wonderful at first. He had a great body and really turned me on. But on the fourth night he took me out to dinner and I suddenly felt really upset. "The doubts had already set in. I found we really didn't have anything in common and were on completely different wavelengths. All of a sudden I felt ‘This is forever.' And it scared me. It felt like a weight around my neck."

Back home they shared Preston's Brighton seaside flat, before buying a £650,000 house together in the town. But she told us: "He was so wrong for me and I was so wrong for him. We were like from two different planets. "He loved politics and wanted to talk about it. But I know nothing about politics, it doesn't interest me at all. "I wanted to watch Hollyoaks on telly but he preferred a serious documentary. I'd go and buy Victoria Beckham's autobiography and he'd buy an educational book. "I'd fancy buying a BMW and he'd want an old Jag. He loved Brighton and had all his friends there. I hated it and had all my family and friends in Essex. I loved trendy champagne bars in London. He loved ordinary local pubs. "I knew he wasn't the person I wanted to be with. We just irritated each other and constantly rowed. He's just not my kind of guy. I was the strong one in our relationship who did everything and I didn't want it like that. "I didn't want to be the man AND the woman." As Preston went out drinking with his mates Chantelle stayed home alone eating and drowning her woes. "I was drunk most nights," she admitted. "I'd drink a bottle of wine, sometimes two, because I was so unhappy. "I also started scoffing bags of crisps and chocolate. I stopped doing exercise and just watched TV. When I looked at my naked body in the mirror I hated it—so pale and overweight. I didn't recognise myself and felt disgusting. "That's when I started making myself sick. Preston was regularly taking me out to posh restaurants and I'd have soup to start, then a big bowl of pasta followed by chocolate cake and cream. "I did enjoy it but as soon as I finished I'd feel guilty, lock myself in the toilet and stick my fingers down my throat. It was the same at home." As Chantelle battled her weight in January, Preston stormed off BBC2's pop quiz Never Mind The Buzzcocks when host Simon Amstell poked fun at his wife's book Living The Dream. Chantelle said: "I was proud of Preston for that. But in reality the dream had become a nightmare. "We should have split last November when I went home to my mum for two weeks after a load of rows. "Instead I went back to him because I was desperate to save our marriage. But for the last six months together we didn't make love once. "I didn't find Preston attractive any more, especially when he grew a moustache. He looked a bit of a geek. "And he told me I'd looked far sexier as a blonde than a brunette. I'd dyed my hair brown because I thought it would make me appear more classy and intelligent. But it completely changed my personality. We'd both become a bit boring. "In the end I moved into the spare room and slept alone."

Their final split in June signalled yet more problems for sad Chantelle. Her weight plunged even further. "It was a lot to cope with at 23," she said. "I didn't want to kill myself but some days I didn't want to be alive. I'd been on the verge of a breakdown for a while. "When I went out I had panic attacks and rushed back home "I hated making myself sick after food binges and knew it was bad for me. So I just lived like a hermit at home and stopped eating. "Some days I ate nothing. I must have lost over two stone as I dropped from size 12 jeans to a size eight.

My mum got very concerned but I was proud I'd lost weight and thought I looked better. "It was only when I saw magazine pictures of myself looking gaunt and skeletal that I realised how painfully thin I was. "When I decided to see a doctor she just told me, ‘You need counselling!' I broke down in tears. "In the end I decided to bounce back on my own. I went back to being a blonde and returned to my roots in Essex to be with Mum and my friends. "I began eating sensibly again and started having fun with my mates. Now I'm back to a healthy 9 stone and feel great. I'm so much happier being free and single. I got married far too young." Chantelle is said to have made a million since shooting to Big Brother fame as the fake celeb who fooled the real stars. She admitted: "I certainly earned more than Preston during our marriage. "But it's going to be an amicable divorce and we'll split everything 50-50. "I haven't dated another man since the break-up and I'm not looking for a boyfriend. I really dont think I'll ever marry again or have children. I don't want the responsibility. "Maybe I AM a bit of a blonde bimbo. But I love it. Single blondes really do have more fun!"

Chantelle Houghton got Tangoed or Toasted, Roasted, Carroted... New Look
Chantelle Houghton orange faced new look

Celeb Big Brother's Chantelle Houghton has been snapped looking a far cry from the blonde bombshell who graced our TV screens two years ago.

Since the break up of her 10-month marriage to Ordinary Boys frontman Preston in June, the 24-year-old has transformed her look – complete with orange tan and streaky hair extensions.

The one-time Paris Hilton lookalike has everyone wondering if the strain of the split is the reason behind her makeover and a string of girls' nights out with NBF and fellow BB contestant Nikki Grahame. With reports that Preston has found new love with an American student who's the spitting image of his estranged wife, let's hope it doesn't give her cause for any more drastic changes.

Preston goes to Hollywood

sad samuel preston

(Samuel)Preston is quitting the UK to get over the break-up of his 10-month marriage to Chantelle Houghton.

The singer, 25, will move to Philadelphia in America later this month. But he'll keep a base in his hometown of Brighton.

'The past six months have been a rollercoaster for Preston and he feels he needs to have a long, hard think about his future,' a source tells the Sunday Mirror.

'He's hoping that putting distance between them will give them both a chance to move on.'

Chantelle does not know that love is an addiction

love addict anonymous chantelle houghton

Chantelle (Preston) Houghton & Samuel Preston appear to be giving their failing marriage another go.

Chantelle, who split with the Ordinary Boys last month, has moved back into the couple's Brighton home.

The pair have been snapped returning from a shopping trip although, judging by their expressions in the photos - published in the Daily Mail - the pair may not be reconciled for long!

Anyways, Chantelle tells the new issue OK! magazine that she intended to return to Brighton after originally moving out to her mum's - although the former Paris Hilton look-a-like seemed a little confused whether she was doing it for simply practical reasons.

"All my suff is there, all his stuff is there too and we still love each other so it seems ridiculous to go back to mum's," she said. "Will we have separate rooms? Er... well, I suppose. I don't know. Right now I'm desperate to see him, I really am."

Chantelle goes Bloooooom :)
orlando bloom chantelle houghton
Chantelle Houghton has been spotted spending time with Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner was thrilled when she met the actor at a nightclub, shortly after announcing her split from Ordinary Boys singer Samuel Preston.

Houghton and Bloom have since been seen enjoying a cup of tea together at a London hotel.

A source told the Daily Star: "Orlando wasn't really aware who Chantelle was when he met her as he was in the States when she made her name in Big Brother. But this was a breath of fresh air for Chantelle. She's a down-to-earth girl at heart still and was becoming tired of all the attention her split from Preston was getting.

"A friend of Chantelle's dared her to ask for Orli's autograph. She did and they got chatting. He thought she was really funny and bubbly. He's been surrounded by LA wannabes so it was great for him to have a laugh for a change."

UK's Gay Capital ended our Marriage says Chantelle

brighton logo

Chantelle Houghton says her marriage to Preston ended because she loathed living in Brighton. The Essex Girl, 23, moved to the seaside town when she married the Ordinary Boys singer last year.

'The truth is I found living in Brighton very hard,' she says. 'My life had changed and it was a time when I needed familiar things around me. 'And being in Brighton I had nothing. I had no family, no friends and it was a really hard.'

The marriage only lasted 10 months but Chantelle reckons she and Preston could have made a go of it if they'd moved to the capital. 'I do believe that if we'd lived in London...things would have been better,' she insists.

BREAKING NEWS: Chantelle & Samuel Preston Break up
Chantelle Houghton Samuel Preston break up their marriage
Chantelle Houghton Paris Hiton look alike professional UK essex London Great Britain United Kingdom

Celebrity Big Brother lovebirds Chantelle and Preston have split after 10 months of marriage, it was announced today.

The couple met on the reality show last year and wed following a whirlwind romance.

“After much soul-searching and tearful discussions we have sadly decided to end our marriage,” they said in a joint statement.

“We hope we can always remain friends and still love each other but we both think we put so much pressure on one another to make our marriage work that it has ended up destroying our relationship. No one else is involved in our decision.”

The couple insisted their relationship was genuine and denied they had rushed into marriage.

Former promotions girl Chantelle Houghton and Ordinary Boys singer Preston (full name Samuel Preston) met on the show in January 2006. They announced their engagement in April and tied the knot in August. The couple sold the rights to their wedding day to a glossy magazine.

The statement said: “We know people will think we married too quickly on the back of Big Brother but the truth is that, what anyone thinks, we did have a whirlwind romance but we were genuinely in love with each other at the time and we will never regret our time together.

“We both believe in marriage and we never treated our vows or our commitment to each other lightly. We’ve spent hours and hours discussing whether we can salvage our marriage, give it another go, try harder, anything rather than give up.

“But we now both agree that we should go our separate ways. We are both young and we still have our lives in front of us. The last two weeks or so have been very upsetting and sad for us and our friends and family and we appreciate their support.”

Chantelle Houghton was planted in the Celebrity Big Brother house as a “fake celebrity” tasked with convincing the other contestants she was famous.

She went on to win the show.

Chantelle's Boobs

Chantelle's breast

Chantelle Houghton has revealed she’s set to get a boob job after dropping down a cup size after losing weight. Chantelle, who shot to fame as a fake celebrity on the reality TV show, told New magazine: “I never thought I’d have a boob job but I’ve given it loads of thought and it’s what I want. I’m really excited about it - I can’t wait.” “I’ve lost a bit of weight so my boobs have shrunk a bit. I feel like I’ve got no curves.”

Chantelle plans to expand from a C to a D cup (”I think that’ll be big enough”) and husband Preston, who she met on the show, is behind her plans: “Preston’s very happy about it. But he said to me I shouldn’t have surgery for anyone else but me.” “Whatever I decide he’ll support me. I hope it will boost my confidence.”

Chantelle Houghton's Autobiography...not as easy...

Chantelle Houghton Autobiography


REALITY TV star Chantelle Houghton was warned not to let fame go to her head when she met fans at Bromley's Glades shopping centre last week.

Chantelle, who won Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year despite being the only non-celeb taking part, signed copies of her autobiography Living the Dream for queuing admirers last Thursday.

But shoppers Kezzie Johnson, 16, and Sophie Nuggleton, 17, said they thought the Essex promo-girl had yet to live up to her superstar billing.

"I like her, she's great," said Kezzie. "But I don't think she should become too famous because it would ruin her. She's quite ordinary like everyone really. Julia Roberts is a proper celebrity."

"Chantelle is too nice to be a celebrity," added Sophie. "She's had her 15 minutes of fame but I wouldn't read her book."

Also in the queue to get two books signed was mum-of-two Paula Rolfe, from Bromley. "I am only here for my daughters to be honest," she said, adding hastily: "Not that I don't like her. The girls are gutted they can't be here.
Mixed feelings...

Here is an extract from 60 seconds interview led by the Metro newspaper.

How’s married life treating you?
Very well. It’s amazing, thank you. Nothing changes; it just makes it that much more special, from being in love to actually being husband and wife. It makes it more meaningful.

It’s still early days – has the novelty worn off yet?
No and I don’t think the novelty will wear off. That’s for sad people.

What have you enjoyed the most since winning Big Brother?
The dating programme I did. I met a good lot of girls who worked on the show who’ve remained my friends. The programme was a lot of fun.

What’s been not so good?
When I went on German Big Brother. They had a farm and expected you to feed the animals and clear them out, which, obviously, I wouldn’t have done. They had a poor side and a rich side. On the poor side, you had to work all day feeding the animals and clearing cow s**t out; while on the rich side, you just drank champagne and lived in a luxury flat. They put me in this little pretend hotel thing. It wasn’t a nice experience, though. I’d just won Big Brother and wanted to be out having fun, not locked up again. I was supposed to be there for three days and two nights but only lasted a day and a night.

What’s the best thing about being famous?
Everyone being really nice to you and being complimented all the time. And the freebies come in handy.

I‘m not going to shout ‘I’ve done cocaine and had five threesomes’ to stay in the headlines

What’s the best freebie that you’ve received?
A car – a Vauxhall Tigra. I get endless make-up, clothes and shoes, and can walk into shops and ask for discounts. It’s lovely.

What are the drawbacks?
I can’t say there is a drawback – I couldn’t name one. My life before was a drawback.

What was wrong with your life before?
Everything. It wasn’t as fun as my life now.

Do you ever get abuse in the street?
Only once, from a little old lady on King’s Road [Chelsea]. She had pearls round her neck and was wearing a little buttoned-up suit and looked really posh. She started shouting stuff at me while the paparazzi were there and, in the end, the paparazzi told her to f**k off and leave me alone. She was just horrible. She was jumping in front of the camera shouting: ‘I’m a lady, take pictures of me.’ I think she’d lost the plot a bit.

You were pals with Jodie Marsh in Big Brother. Do you regret not pursuing that friendship?
I didn’t have Jodie’s number but I know she had my mobile and my house number but she never rung so, y’know, that’s why. I didn’t hear from her. Things happen, don’t they?

She’s written stuff about you on her blog. Have you read that?
No. I don’t go on the Internet much.

People expected you to release I Want It Right Now and you didn’t. Why’s that?
The public knew I couldn’t sing and that was obvious to everyone. I wanted people to respect me for turning down a lot of money and a record deal for the fact that I can’t sing. I felt it would have been cheating the public out of money. The finished song wouldn’t have been me singing, it would have been a lot of producers pushing a lot of buttons. Think of all the musicians out there who try so hard, while I just get on Big Brother and release a single. It’s not right, is it?

What do you listen to at home yourself?
I don’t listen to much. I put the radio on every now and again but I don’t have a CD collection. I’ll listen to the radio if I’m cooking but that’s it.

Do you go to Preston’s gigs?
I went to the one in Southend the other night. It was amazing. I’m really proud of him. It’s my husband on stage and he’s singing and there are all these people supporting him who have paid money to see him.

How much work did you get as a Paris Hilton lookalike?
Not much, about two jobs a month, if that. It wasn’t half as exciting as my life is now. I used to get jobs like going to a toy exhibition, where I had to walk around with a fluffy dog poking out of my bag. Just really embarrassing things like that.

You’ve got a lookalike of your own now.
Yes. I haven’t met her. There are a lot of girls who you could just put a blonde wig on, green eye shadow and orange lipstick and claim to be my lookalike. Good luck to them. If they can make a bit of money out of looking like me, good luck to them because I did the same thing once. Rock on.

Is Nikki from this year’s Big Brother a threat to your popularity? She’s got her own E4 show.
Am I popular?

You’re not doing badly.
Oh thank you, that’s a very nice compliment. Me and Nikki are totally different people – good luck to her. It’s a bit sad to sit there thinking about other famous people and wondering if they’re your rivals. Do you sit there thinking about people in your office that might be a bit better than you? It’d drive anyone mad. Just be glad with what you’ve got or else you’ll end up a bitter and twisted person.

What have you got coming up?

Obviously I’ve made a lot of money so I’m planning on being a property tycoon. I’ll be buying flats around the Olympic stadium and selling them on for a lot of money. That’s my next little adventure. I wouldn’t mind being one of the dragons on Dragons’ Den. Or I might become a maths teacher. Why not? I’ve come this far, ha ha ha.

Do you feel under pressure to keep appearing in magazines?
If I’m not in a magazine, I’m not going to shout stuff like ‘I’ve done cocaine and had five threesomes with the neighbours’ just to stay in the headlines. I’ve got a bit more respect for myself. I’d rather go away quietly and not be seen again for the rest of my life than have to shout about doing heroin like some people do. Say I was bitter and twisted about Nikki, for example, I could start shouting: ‘Hang on, look at me! I used to be a prostitute’ or something. But that’s just not going to happen.

How likely is it you’ll become a maths teacher?
Probably very unlikely but you never know, do you? Ha ha.


Chantelle attacked outside nightclub


Chantelle Houghton was left with a broken jaw after being targeted by a girl gang in a nightclub.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner, then 18, had been partying in Basildon when the strangers decided to attack her.

"A girl I'd never seen before suddenly punched me in the face," Chantelle told the News of the World. "It was so sudden and ferocious that I reeled backwards and fell to the floor. Then two other girls started kicking my legs as I scrambled to get up. The girl who had launched the attack was holding my head and kneeing me in the face and punching me."

Chantelle fled from her attackers and contacted her mother who immediately took her to hospital.

She added: "They X-rayed my skull and told me I had a fractured jaw. The staff there wanted to call the police but I didn't want any more trouble. By the following day I had a black eye, swollen eyebrow and legs that were black and blue. But the shock was probably worse than the physical injuries."

Houghton has also revealed that she often avoided school because a group of bullies would make her life a misery when she attended.

"I missed a lot of my education, thanks to the bullies," she explained. "When I did go, my life was hell. Once one of them shouted ‘Whore!' at me and I had no idea what it meant."

Chantelle Hougton nearly killed herself
Chantelle Houghton contemplated suicide in the months before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in January.

The show's winner now believes that her appearance on the reality series, where she met husband Samuel Preston, saved her life and helped her to realise her dreams.

"It was the worst year of my life. Everything I'd wanted was slipping away from me, and I thought more and more about ending it all," she told the News of the World. "I felt like a failure and I didn't have the strength to carry on."

She added: "I've spent the past 10 months living my dream. I've had my own TV show, been featured in countless magazines and, most important of all, found true love and happiness.

"The day before I went into the Big Brother house, I had 8p in my bank account, debts, and no job. Days after winning the show I put my bank card in a cashpoint to get a statement. The piece of paper popped out and it read £25,000.8p.

"I looked at it in disbelief. Even though I had won the money on CBB, it felt as though the only bit that was really mine was the 8p."
Samuel Preston - Sexyyyyy according to Specsavers

It's official - girls really do make passes at boys who wear glasses, two of Britain's sexiest spec-wearers revealed today.

Stunning Scouse babes Jennifer Ellison and Liz McLarnon say that men who don glasses are a real turn on.

Celebrity Love Island blonde Liz, 25, admitted her fancy for four-eyed fellas after being named Celebrity Spectacles Wearer of the Year today.

And the former Atomic Kitten singer, who also revealed she owns a different pair of glasses for every outfit, said that nothing did it for her more than a man in a suit and glasses.

The winner of the male celebrity prize, also sponsored by Specsavers, was Ordinary Boys singer Preston who recently married his Celebrity Big Brother sweetheart Chantelle Houghton.

Speaking at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in central London where she was presented with her award, Liz said: "I think a man looks great in glasses - it gives him real sex appeal.

"It's that whole Superman thing really, and I have to admit it does it for me. It really brings the best out of a man

"You've only got to look at someone like Preston. It makes him look strong and sophisticated, I think Chris Evans started it by wearing those thick black-rimmed ones."

Liz said her love of glasses meant that she even wore them on the first date with the love of her life.


She added: "The first time I went out with my fella on a date I popped the glasses on and he absolutely loved them. He's never said anything about them but I can tell he likes them, if you know what I mean. I even caught him trying mine on in the mirror.

"I've got one for every outfit almost, I feel a bit lost without them."

Busty ex-Brookside babe Jennifer Ellison, who is currently appearing in West End stage show Chicago, has been the face and eyes of the Specsavers awards for the last year.

The giggly star said: "They're so sexy. A man looks so sophisticated in them. I absolutely love them. I've had to wear my glasses for reading since I was 13 and you can often see me with my nose stuck in a book in the library.

"They're so trendy these days they're much like an accessory. Look at all the fit blokes who wear them: Jack Osbourne, Superman and David Tennant who plays Doctor Who."

Turning to admire her own publicity picture for the campaign the blonde bombshell, remarked: "I look great in that picture, very sophisticated. I have to say Liz looks pretty saucy in hers too."

Luckily neither girl was bullied for wearing glasses, but Liz said she was trying to be a role model for young girls with sight problems.

She added: "I don't think people get bullied as much now for wearing glasses because it's so trendy and they come in so many different colours, but when I went to school people did get bullied and called 'speccy four-eyes'.

"I'd hope that to see somebody like me wear them would make the bullies think twice."

Chantelle Houghton has a look-alike !!! Euh !?!

Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton is famed for “living the dream” and somebody from Norwich could soon be too.

A look-alike of the reality TV star drove into the city during the weekend in a luxury pink limousine to give people a taste of what life could be like for the winner of the Evening News Live the Dream competition.

Scores of people flocked to her limousine, parked outside Next, in Hayhill, on Saturday, to find out more about the life-changing competition that offers the winner a free car and three-bedroom home for a year.

Charlie Papworth, Norwich Evening News marketing manager, said: “We had a fabulous day on Saturday with our Chantelle look-alike, with many people believing she was the real Chantelle, who of course is famous for living the dream. People were even asking for her autograph.

Is this world going crazy or what ???? Was Chantelle not the look-alike for Paris Hilton already ? Are we soon going to have a look-alike of this chantelle look-alike ???


Chantelle Houghton VS Jade goody in Celebrity Master Mind





Hundreds of thousands of milers relaxed on Saturday night by putting their feet up in front of the TV and joining an audience of millions to watch Sport Relief.

Davina McCall, Chris Evans and Gary Lineker guided viewers through a feast of over five-and-a-half hours of entertainment.

Chart sensations and Sport Relief milers McFly got things going with a bang when they opened the show with a storming rendition of the official Sport Relief single 'Don't stop me now.'

Throughout the evening, donors were given the chance to win fantastic prizes by deciding who would triumph in a series of head-to-head challenges.

The first of these saw Chantelle Houghton beat Jade Goody 14-12 in a very special live edition of Mastermind.

John Humphries asked the questions, which included specialist rounds on Coronation Street for Chantelle and Eastenders for Jade, as Britain's favourite reality TV stars sweated in the show's famous black chair.

GMTV presenter Jenni Falconer was crowned Sport Relief's Only Fools on Horses showjumper of the year - despite being the only novice rider in the final four.

The show raised a fantastic £250,000 for Sport Relief thanks to your calls and text votes.

The Sport Relief tradition of inflicting pain on Ray Stubbs was admirably continued in brilliant fashion as 50,000 brightly coloured bouncy balls were fired at the BBC Sport presenter.

There was also celebrity pigeon racing as our hosts each took a feathered friend under their wing to contest the true sport of kings

But Chris Evans was left with egg on his face as 'Monty', his bird, trailed in last and was forced to present the next half an hour of the show in a giant pigeon costume.

Lineker and Evans were after a different kind of birdie later on as they teamed up to take on Nick Faldo on the roof of BBC Television Centre in Incredibly Crazy Golf.

The idea was to chip golf balls into the mouths of Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Tarbuck - but sadly our duo could not cope with the six-times-major winner and were emphatically beaten 10-5.

Stylish Susannah showed off some silky driving moves as she beat her style-icon rival Trinni in their rally car driving challenge.

Stephen Fry hosted a very special edition of Question of Sport Relief.

Sue Barker joined in the fun by joining Ally McCoist's team alongside Nancy Dell'Olio.

The show ended in familiar fashion for England fans, with Davies losing to a jubilant McCoist in a nail-biting penalty shoot-out.

Viewers were also treated to the last-ever episode of Footballers' Wives, with a scene-stealing special guest appearance from Graham Norton and a jaw-dropping twist in its tail.

Sir Steve Redgrave beat Colin Jackson in an energy-sapping power pint contest that saw one lucky donor winning a trip to Munich's Ocktoberfest.

Catharine Tate, Ron Manager and Jon Culshaw provided comic relief from a series of incredibly powerful and poignant appeal films.

There was time for one final challenge as the Sport Relief tradition that is celebrity boxing returned.

Jack 'The Ripper' Osbourne took on former S Club 7 star Bradley 'Dynamite' McIntosh for the coveted Sport Relief light entertainment belt.

An evenly-matched contest was watched by an enthusiastic crowd as supporters of both men man roared their support.

Jack was announced as the winner after a unanimous judges decision but insisted: "There are no losers here, tonight we are all winners."

Chantelle Houghton Samuel Preston to wed on 25th August



Chantelle Houghton and Samuel Preston have confirmed their wedding date.

The couple had been planning a late August-early September wedding and now Chantelle has confirmed that they’re to marry on August 25.

They’ve picked Arundel Castle in Sussex as the location of their nuptials and Chantelle told the Sunday People: “I’m so happy - it will be the wedding I’ve always dreamed of.”

“We’ve been busy planning it all and now I can’t wait.”

She also revealed she “not in the slightest” bit nervous.

The sussex venue would be for the Photographers, OK Mag, and others...the real family wedding will take place as announced in Essex. See Previous article.

Chantelle Houghton running for Sport relief along side Jade Goody




There was a star-filled turn out on London's embankment at the weekend as Jamie Oliver, Sadie Frost and boy band McFly ran a mile in aid of Sport Relief. Dame Kelly Holmes kicked off the first of eight runs in the capital while hundreds of others took place around the country.

The double Olympic gold medallist proudly donned her red Sport Relief sock which every runner was given before the race – receiving its companion once she had passed the finish line. "It's a lovely day and it's great to see so many people getting behind such a great cause," she said. Also taking part was her fellow Olympian Lord Coe, who was forced to admit that he'd been out-sprinted by his eight-year-old daughter.

More than 420,000 people spent the sunny Saturday taking part in the mile-long event. Chef Jamie and designer Sadie were just two of the famous faces who helped raise over £12 million for the charity which helps disadvantaged communities in the UK and abroad.

In Brighton Jo Brand, Jade Goody and Chantelle Houghton took part in the fun, while soap star Nikki Sanderson ran in Manchester, and legendary rower Steve Redgrave took part in Birmingham. The total figure was boosted by the efforts of Little Britain star David Walliams who recently raised £1 million with his sponsored swim of the Channel.

Chantelle Houghton among the most admired by teenagers





Bob Geldof has been named as the celebrity that most teenagers admire, according to a poll for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

The Irish rock star turned campaigner was picked by 19% of those questioned in a survey on role models to mark the 50th anniversary of the scheme.

Olympic gold winning athlete Dame Kelly Holmes came second with 18%, while Sir Richard Branson was third with 16%.

The Irish rock star turned campaigner was picked by 19% of those questioned in a survey on role models to mark the 50th anniversary of the scheme.

Olympic gold winning athlete Dame Kelly Holmes came second with 18%, while Sir Richard Branson was third with 16%.

Fourth was former England soccer captain David Beckham who was admired by nearly 12% of teens.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton notched up only 5%, while drug addicted rock star Pete Doherty came bottom of the list the teenagers were shown with just under 2%.

Research by the award scheme found that British teenagers give up around two million voluntary hours each year serving their community, the equivalent of £9 million in unpaid labour hours.

Young Britons admire expertise (23%), but most (75%) were impressed by those who had "done something for the good of someone else".

Nine out of ten of those questioned said it was important to volunteer time to help improve the local community.

Peter Westgarth, chief executive of the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award, said: "It`s time young people of the UK were recognised for the work they do in the community.

"This research shows it`s not all about chasing fame, our younger generation really do care about their country.

"It`s refreshing to see so many young British teenagers looking up to positive role models who have really worked hard on behalf of others and gained recognition for services to the country."

Since the Duke of Edinburgh set up the scheme in 1956, more than 3.5 million young people have participated in the UK.

Aimed at both able-bodied and disabled youngsters, it has become one of the best-known self-development adventure schemes for 14 to 25-year-olds.

:: A total of 4,299 young people were questioned in the poll.
Chantelle vs Jade for a Mastermind Special



Chantelle is to sit on a famous black leather chair. Chantelle is to feature on a special edition of the quiz show Mastermind.

The last time Chantelle sat in a famous chair – the one in the Big Brother Diary Room – she giggled and played with her hair. And so long as her specialised subject is giggling and playing with her hair, Mastermind should be a breeze.

But Chantelle likes a challenge and has agreed to answer questions on Coronation Street.

She will pit her wits against Jade Goody, who will trawling her mind for answers to questions based on EastEnders.

Incidentally, Jade has unveiled the name of her new perfume. Eau de Kebab was a good guess but the actual name is Shh...

“I called it Sh... because that’s what people always say to me – I’m a bit loud and I talk a lot,” says Jade.

What’s more “it smells sweet and endearing just like me.”

So Sh... it is. And take care how many dots you use after the Sh bit, lest you call it Sh.. and cause Jade great offence...

Virgin Mobile and Chantelle


VIRGIN Mobile have lifted their ban on Big Brother stars in the VIP zone at this year’s V Festival — to help celeb BB winner CHANTELLE HOUGHTON.

Bosses have barred all BB contestants from the area — called the Virgin Mobile Louder Lounge — for the last couple of years.

But they made an exception for Chantelle, so she can mingle with hubby-to-be, PRESTON — frontman of THE ORDINARY BOYS.

This year’s events are in Chelmsford and Staffordshire in August.

But the likes of SEZER and GRACE needn’t get excited, you’re still not getting in ...

Star designer for Chantelle's wedding dress


Chantelle Houghton is to have her wedding dress designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, who created the bridal gown of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The designer said that she was delighted to have been chosen to make Chantelle's dress for her wedding later this summer.

Chantelle is due to marry Ordinary Boys singer Preston, whom she met on the reality television show.

Designer Emanuel said: "We are delighted and thrilled to announce we have been chosen by Chantelle, 'Big Brother' celebrity, to design her wedding dress."

"We are looking forward to working with her to create the dress of her dreams," she said.

Wedding in Essex !



Chantelle Houghton and Samuel preston will wed in August 2006 at the Stock Brook Country Club in Essex.
Marbella's biggest spenders






The rich and famous have been flocking to Marbella over the last few months. Earlier this year, Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton visited both Marbella and Puerto Banus to film an appearance for ITV breakfast show GMTV, and shortly after Blackburn Rovers’ midfielder Robbie Savage was spotted holidaying at the Marbella Club resort with his wife and children, spending most of his time relaxing in the sun and enjoying the beach.

Ex-lover of the late Princess of Wales, James Hewitt is a regular in Marbella, and was recently seen enjoying lunch at Pasta Da Bruno on the Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Central Marbella, and then later partying with a group of female friends at The Suite nightclub, located within the grounds of the Puente Romano hotel. James Hewitt isn’t the only celeb to enjoy the gastronomy of Da Bruno – the Cabopino restaurant has been graced by footballing hero David Beckham and wife Posh.

PR mogul Max Clifford, a frequent visitor, is currently residing at his luxury apartment just outside of Marbella. Former Celebrity Love Island contestant
Fran Cosgrove was seen enjoying a night out with a buxom blonde in Puerto Banus’ trendy News Café a few weekends ago, as were Jade Goody and boyfriend Jack Tweedy before returning to the UK to celebrate Jade’s birthday this week. Last but not least, comedian and Eastenders’ favorite Mike Reid (AKA Frank Butcher) was spotted this week entering the La Canada Shopping Centre, in a pair of rather unflattering shorts . . .

Its true to say that Marbella and Puerto Banus attract an eclectic mix of celebrities, sports stars and media personalities, and the ITV show which aired last week entitled Britain’s Biggest Spenders, served to further highlight some of the more eccentric characters on Marbella’s celebrity scene, including 41 year old Denize Hewitt, ex-wife of property heir Tony Pidgley. Ms Hewitt, sometime resident of Marbella, was filmed during a visit to Puerto Banus in search of a £250,000 power boat to purchase, only to discover she preferred the cruiser priced at £1,000,000! Also featured was the character dubbed “Britain’s Vainest Man” Scott Alexander. The multi-millionaire from Manchester was shown parading around his newly acquired £5,000,000 mansion in Marbella, located at the exclusive La Quinta golf resort.

Other famous residents of Marbella include Simon Cowell, Antonio Banderas and wife Melanie Griffiths, Julio Iglesias, and Dolph Lundgren, whose wife Annette Qviberg, is proprietor of an exclusive boutique on the Golden Mile. Sean Connery and Prince are both former residents, and Bruce Willis and Borris Becker have been known to drop by Puerto Banus in their luxury yachts . .

Jordan leading the war vs Chantelle


Tired of Chantelle Houghton's popularity. Sick of seeing the lovely blond on the front cover of Ok Magazine.

Jordan decided to blackmail the Magazine. She apparently said that she would not give any more exclusivities to the magazine unless they stop mentionning Miss Houghton.

Jordan also agreed to open her house a bit more and reduced her fees.

And it worked ! Jordan has been back on the front cover for the last few weeks. And Miss Houghton is no longer...

React on the forum !!!!!!

Chantelle: The Weakest charming




Big Brother has given us some gems.

From Jade Goody thinking East Anglia was abroad to Helen wotsherface loving "blinking", there have been some prime candidates for Mastermind.

But Celeb Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton has made even Jade look a little bit informed with her latest general knowledge gaff.

It turns out she's never heard of Tory party leader David Cameron.

It all came out in a celeb-filled Weakest Link show - to be aired on Saturday - also starring her former Big Bro Housemates Maggot and Michael Barrymore.

Scary Anne Robinson asked: "The name of which party leader is the anagram of 'romance'?"

Chantelle, who did not seem to understand the question, answered: "Love?"

OK, we can understand being flummoxed by the anagram thing, the heat of studio lights, the pressure...

But the blonde reality star didn't even attempt to save face.

When a stern-faced Anne told her the correct answer was "Cameron", Chantelle looked blank and asked: "Who's he?"

Preston: do I write next ?





The Ordinary Boys are struggling to come up with songs for their new album because they are too busy touring.

"I have a massive scrapbook of little ideas and thoughts, but it's hard to do anything really constructive," frontman Preston said. "I'm usually thinking about the gig we've got to do."

The band's popularity has increased dramatically since Preston's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and his engagement to the programme's winner Chantelle Houghton.

"You get so into touring that you forget that in order to tour you have to have a record out," he told the NME.

McCartney name top vegetarian. Chantelle among the nominees





The Vegetarian Society, a national charity, polled people across the nation during National Vegetarian Week 2006 and receiving the highest number of votes for the most popular male celebrity vegetarian was Sir Paul McCartney, followed closely by singer Morrissey.

Keeping it in the family, the most popular female vegetarian celebrity was Sir Paul`s daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney.
After adding the total votes, Sir Paul was named the outright winner across both sexes.

On hearing the result Sir Paul said: "I am really thrilled. People are becoming more aware of what they eat and where it comes from but many still don`t make the connection between their own actions and the suffering and death of a real living creature.

"Once you truly understand the consequences of buying and eating meat, you can`t claim to care without going vegetarian."

Voters were asked to select their favourite vegetarian through an online poll at the Vegetarian Society`s website.

The list of 25 nominees included GMTV`s Fiona Phillips, Big Brother`s Chantelle Houghton, Lady Heather Mills-McCartney, actor Martin Shaw, singer Moby, actress Joanna Lumley, Big Brother`s Russell Brand and US actor Tobey McGuire.

Collette Walsh, press spokesperson at the Vegetarian Society, said: "It was level-pegging for Morrissey and Sir Paul McCartney at one point. Both are hugely influential individuals and great ambassadors for vegetarianism.

"Stella, however, was the outright winner in the female category. The vast majority of votes for her came from women. She`s clearly the savvy, successful type of vegetarian that they like to look up to."

Chantelle to release autobiography




Chantelle Houghton is to release an autobiography, barely months after shooting to fame by winning Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Since then, Chantelle has presented E4’s Chantelle: Living the Dream and is now hosting a new show, Chantelle’s Dream Dates.

The autobiography, entitled 'Living the Dream', will be published in hardback by Century this October.

In the book, Chantelle will talk about her journey “from being a quiet, sweet natured young girl who was bullied at school to Britain’s most talked about celebrity”.

Chantelle will also reveal what really went on in the house and how she fell in love with her fiancée, Ordinary Boys lead singer Preston.

“Oh my God, I never thought I’d have my own book,” says Chantelle. “But as I’ve learnt, if you want something bad enough – and you believe in it, it really is possible to live the dream.”

“I can’t wait to get out and meet the fans in October.”

Chantelle and Preston in Hollywood


Sources say the script for the movie sees Chantelle overtaking Preston in the career stakes, a doing which has huge implications for the loved-up pair.

It is reckoned Chantelle would go down a storm in the US as they would dig her accent and fall in love with her quirky ways, despite looking like the average Californian.

Movie insiders have revealed the idea is being pitched as we speak but a few odd tweaks would have to be put into place to make the story more American friendly.

For example, Preston may be turned into a rapper rather than the Britpop mod star that he is.

The pair would not star in the film but instead have actors play their parts, but whatever the outcome- it all looks to be a dream come true for the blonde Essex girl.

Baby shopping



Pregnant or just shopping for her nephew ?

Chantelle was spotted with fiance Preson browsing through the baby section of a BHS store in Brighton, where Preston has just bought Chantelle a flat.

An onlooker commented: “She seemed interested in the little pink outfits.

“I saw them later on in the adult nightwear section. Chantelle was looking at a pair of Winnie The Pooh pyjamas.”

Chantelle has also apparently been looking a little fuller of tum of late, but her agent John Noel is denying it: “As far as I’m aware she’s not pregnant,” he said yesterday.

Jodie not happy with engagement


Jodie Marsh has claimed that Chantelle and Preston's engagement is a "sham".

The model believes that the pair have fooled the public and are trying to make as much money as possible.

"Is it a sham? What do you think?" Jodie told The Mirror. "All I'll say is that they have very clever agents."

Preston's ex-girlfriend Camille has also admitted that she is confused by his commitment to Chantelle.

"I'm surprised they got together because Chantelle and I are so different," she explained. "We have different interests, personalities and backgrounds. He loved that I had a politics degree and a masters. We sat for hours discussing politics and the state of the world, and had a real connection. Then he leaves me for someone so different."

However, Chantelle's father Alan is certain that Preston will treat her well and that the romance is genuine.

"Preston has good intentions," Alan insisted. "There is a chemistry between them and I think it's fabulous news."

Chantelle in the "Ugly top 10" !?!?!















BIG Brother star Jade Goody has topped a poll to find the UK's ugliest female celebrities, we can exclusively reveal. The reality TV star stormed ahead of topless model Jodie Marsh to win 31 per cent of a vote by Kerrang! Radio listeners.

Bored with polls listing the great and the gorgeous, shock jock Tim Shaw got fans of his Asylum Show to nominate the people that really turn them OFF.

"I just got fed up with seeing all these pictures of women we are supposed to idolise and wanted to know what my listeners really think," he said.

"They are reliably straight-talking and honest – and proved that not everyone thinks these women are attractive."

But he was not counting on glamour girl Jodie ranking so highly in the poll – second place with more than one in five of the 40,000 votes cast.

When she flirted with him on his show last year, the radio DJ declared he would leave his family for her – prompting angry wife Hayley to sell his £25,000 Lotus sports car for just 50p.

"That was a strange time in my life, but my views on Jodie haven’t changed - she's a really good looking woman. I feel a bit stupid that she came second. In my mind she doesn’t deserve to be on the list."

Incredibly, style icon Victoria Beckham and supermodel Kate Moss - more used to topping beauty polls - find themselves in joint third place, showing that too much headbanging among Kerrang! listeners hasn't done their eyesight much good.

Other unlikely entries include Stars in Their Eyes host Cat Deeley, singer Javine and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, EastEnders star Jessie Wallace and Kerry Katona also made the Top 10.

Celebrity Big Brother winner and Paris Hilton lookalike Chantelle Houghton – who this week announced she was marrying Ordinary Boys frontman Preson – came tenth, with one per cent of the vote.

Tim added: "It was no great surprise that Jade Goody came top. Loads of people texted in to say they didn't like her.

"But I didn't expect to see Cat Deeley in the list – she's just not offensive to people like Jade."

Topping the poll should not be a huge surprise to millionaire Jade: last year she opened a beauty salon in Hertford - called Ugly's.

The Top 10

1. Jade Goody
2. Jodie Marsh
3. Victoria Beckham/Kate Moss
4. Nicola Roberts
5. Tara Palmer Tompkinson
6. Kerry Katona
7. Jessie Wallace
8. Cat Deeley
9. Javine
10. Chantelle Houghton

The rushing couple : 13/04/2006

PRESTON has bought BB fiancée Chantelle Houghton an expensive wedding gift — a seaside LOVE-NEST.

Samuel Preston has been snapped leaving the £400,000 flat,  after an estate agent’s tour.

And a pal said last night: “Chantelle had no idea — he plans to show it to her this week. She’ll be over the moon. It shows how much he loves her.”

The three-bedroom duplex flat is a five-minute walk from the beach in Brighton.

The pal added: “He wants romantic strolls on the beach.”

A “sold” sign was outside the flat yesterday. Preston sold the pad he shared with ex Camille Aznar, 24.

They are surely not losing time.

Lost her ring already - Wedding this summer



BIG Brother star Chantelle Houghton had to hunt for a fake engagement ring after her six-diamond cluster proved too tight.

Newly engaged Chantelle was scared pictures of her bare hand would suggest her nine-week romance to Ordinary Boy singer Preston was a sham.

An E4 insider, where Chantelle, 22, is filming, said: “She and her minders have been trying to find a fake.

“She’s so desperate not to cause a scare, so she’ll probably settle for a plastic gem from a high street store.”

Preston, 24, proposed to her on Monday using his gran’s engagement ring. He dumped fiancée Camille Aznar after falling for Chantelle.

About the wedding date, Chantelle, 22, said: “We haven’t set a date but it will be at the end of the summer.”

Chantelle Pregnant ?




Soon after being notified of the young couple wedding plans, the speculations are coming back concerning Chantelle's eventual pregnancy. Is she pregnant ?

Is Chantelle Houghton about to become a celebrity big mother? The bubbly blonde was seen sporting what could be a baby bump while out shopping at the weekend. And according to onlookers, the CBB starlet didn’t seem too happy with all the attention she was getting, suggesting she might have something to hide.

“She could just have been having an off day,” squealed a fan. “But there was a little bulge showing, so we thought she might be pregnant.” Meanwhile, friends have been gushing about what a great mum Chantelle would be if she did decide to have a mini Prestelle with her Ordinary Boy. “The bulge certainly suits her,” said a friend. “She’s looking blooming great! Chantelle would be a great mother, she’s so sweet and caring, and Preston would make a great dad, too.”

While we wait to find out whether love’s young dream are in the family way, Chantelle is certainly making sure that their sex-life is spiced up. The saucy minx was seen lingering in the lingerie department of Selfridges for a full 30 minutes - so she probably found a few items that should keep Preston happy.

Vive les maries ! Sorry for Camille






Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton is to marry Sam Preston, lead singer of pop group The Ordinary Boys, only a few months after they met on the reality television show.

The 22-year-old, who entered the show as an unknown and emerged as the latest tabloid star, beamed as she announced their engagement to reporters at an awards ceremony in London late on Tuesday.

"I'm feeling like the happiest girl in the world," she told Sky News television. "Preston asked me last night to marry him and I accepted. I didn't have to think about it for a minute."

The pair met on the camera-filled set of the Channel 4 TV series in January and have since become a regular fixture in celebrity magazines and tabloid newspapers.

Houghton worked as a lookalike of American hotel heiress Paris Hilton before finding fame on Big Brother. Tabloids dubbed her Paris Travelodge, after the budget hotel chain.

She appeared as a "fake" celebrity whose task was to convince fellow housemates -- including entertainer Michael Barrymore and anti-war MP George Galloway -- that she was a singer with a minor hit single under her belt.

Fans were won over by her uncomplicated, sunny nature, while critics called her a dumb blonde, characterised by her oft-repeated catchphrase "Oh My God!".

During the show, she said of Galloway: "He's a right chauvinistic pig, whatever that means."

Despite both having partners when they entered the Big Brother house, their on-screen flirting prompted speculation they would end up together.

Their engagement made front page news on Britain's biggest selling daily paper, the Sun, and was reported on the BBC and Sky News.

The Sun said Preston, 24, proposed to his former girlfriend Camille Aznar when he left the Big Brother house before ending their relationship.

Preston in Panic !






Celebrity Big brother contestant and Ordinary Boys singer Preston has admitted he proposed to his ex-girlfriend in a mad panic.

After leaving the Big Brother house and Chantelle Preston was desperate to put things right between him and his French girlfriend Camille.

Speaking to Heat magazine he explained why he behaved like a prize idiot: "I just panicked and wanted to make things right and I had these feelings for Chantelle that I shouldn't have had.

"In the house the thought of me with Chantelle didn't enter my mind, because I knew I wasn't allowed I really hadn't thought about it.

"And then, when I came out of the house, I had a chance to weigh everything up, and I was like shit, I really want to make everything right with Camille. Like an idiot, I thought that was the right thing to do and I guess it made everything worse - eventually we had a conversation that lead to us splitting up."

"If people think I'm a shit, that's fine, but I'm happy and madly in love. If that's what I have to deal with in order to be ridiculously happy with the girl that I'm madly in love with, that's OK.!"

I would be more worried about the people who think your entire relationship with Chantelle is a publicity stunt and sham!

Blind date is back...with Chantelle !


If winning Celebrity Big Brother and snagging a pop star boyfriend wasn't enough, Chantelle has now landed her own dating game show.

The 22-year-old Essex girl explained: "My new show is about a girl who can't get a date. "I go out, literally on the streets of London, to find three guys who potentially look like the type of guy she goes for. "I give her a Chantelle-sort of do, and she goes out on a date with a guy, and hopefully they click."

She added: "Everybody loves to matchmake, so hopefully I'll be the new Cilla Black!"

The 22-year-old previously starred in her own reality show called Chantelle: Living the Dream, where cameras followed her attempts to become a real celebrity.

Not so Blonde...Chantelle loves reading


A host of celebrities reveal the love and loathing they reserve for the leading lights of literature.

Speaking at the Book of the Year awards, Chantelle Houghton, winner of Celebrity Big Brother, said she loved reading books all the time. Her favourite one being the one written by Victoria Beckham.

Chef Jamie Oliver admitted that despite being an author himself, he rarely reads.

He said: "I'm not a great reader, never have been. I'm alright on recipes, not so good on books."

Chantelle Houghton on ITV this summer


Chantelle Houghton is said to be featuring on the next ITV attempt to shadow the Success of Big Brother on Channel 4.

Celebrity Xfactor will start on May 26 . Jade Goody apparently already signed with ITV for £50 000. Chantelle is still under intense negotiations.

The funny thing is that ITV is using former BB Contestants to win the MAY, JUNE TV battle.

Chantelle and Preston thinking wedding

They might not have been together that long but Chantelle and Preston have already been spotted ring shopping together at expensive London jewellers, Dinny Hall.

According to Now magazine, the couple are living together at a flat belonging to Preston’s brother in Shoreditch, central London and have even been rumoured to be scouting out wedding venues.

Thankfully, Chantelle’s parents both gave their blessing soon after the couple left the Celebrity Big Brother house. Her dad gushed about the relationship a few weeks ago while more recently, Chantelle’s mum has described Preston as “a lovely boy and we’d welcome him into the family"

Chantelle and Jodie: same fight against bullying



Chantelle has helped launch a campaign against bullying this week, after admitting to being bullied herself.

“I was bullied when I was in school and I wish that someone would’ve said ‘hang on, that’s not acceptable’ and it would’ve stopped,” she said at the launch of Bullywatch London.

“No-one really knew about it but it got to the point where I didn’t really go to school much. I would dread going to school.”

“It’s really important to tell someone in authority if you see someone being bullied. Too many people are ignoring it. And ignoring it can be as bad as doing it.”

The campaign is to boost awareness about the problems bullying can cause.

Crush on Kelly Brook

Chantelle admits she has same-sex urges for the stunning actress and is obsessed with her womanly curves.

She said: "Kelly Brook has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She's so shapely."

"She's a great example to real women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy!"

However, despite being envious of Kelly's body, Chantelle insists she is happy with her own sexy figure.

The star - who was crowned the winner of the reality TV show, despite being the only non-celebrity in the house - revealed to OK! magazine: "I'm not skinny, I'm curvy, but I think that's the best way to be. Womanly. It's sexy!"

React on the formum !!!!!!

Jade getting nervous with new comer Chantelle

Ever wondered what would happen if you put two of TV's dizziest reality stars in a room together?

Neither Jade Goody or Chantelle Houghton are renowned for their bright comments and amazing intellect so when Now magazine paired the two up for an interview it came as little surprise to anyone that they both got slightly confused.

The Big Brother reality stars sat down together and Jade interviewed Chantelle on her love life, fame and whatever she felt like- but there were a few questions that foxed the blonde Paris Travelodge.

When trying to find out the gossip about Chantelle's life with Preston, Jade asked her if she did lots of boshing.

A poor confused Chantelle had no idea what the mother-of-two was talking about and Jade had to explain she meant having sex.

Chantelle replied, with a slight gleam in her eye, that they hadn't even kissed yet.

Later on, when Jade was digging out even more dirt on her romance, she suggested Preston may leave her for someone else as he did to his previous girlfriend Camille.

Jade asked her if she believed a leopard could change it's spots and Chantelle asked what she meant as she didn't know any leopards!

So, it appears the most eagerly awaited meeting in showbiz history completely lived up to expectations!

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